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Computer Skills Training

Through our Wayne D. White Recovery Community Center, we offer a computer lab, computer skills workshops, and training to help members of our community build computer and employment skills.
As a sponsor site for the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, we offer a series of proctored exams that demonstrate proficiency in the following computer skills:
  • Section 1: Introduction to Computers
  • Section 2: Windows 10
  • Section 3: E-mail Basics
  • Section 4: Internet Basics
  • Section 5: Introduction to Social Media
  • Section 6: Microsoft Word Basics
  • Section 7: Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Section 8: Microsoft PowerPoint Basics
  • Section 9: Information Literacy
Certificates are awarded to those who demonstrate proficiency in the various sections, which can be attached to resumes to aid in efforts to find employment. For those who need increased skills, we offer tutoring and classes.

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