Get Help

At Footprints, we extend a hand of support to anyone who wants a better life by maintaining long-term recovery over substance use disorders and homelessness.

Outpatient Treatment Program (learn more)

  • Recovery Education Groups: Eight topics are available dealing with issues  such as understanding addiction, avoiding relapse and family issues in recovery.
  • Therapy Groups: a ten-week program is available to those who have completed all eight educational groups.
  • One on One Counseling & Recovery Coaching

Self pay options are available. If you can’t afford to pay we do have special funding to cover these services. This includes help for adult residents of Jackson County, Missouri who meet the COMBAT Eligibility Requirements.

Recovery Community Center 

Our Recovery Community Center at 4501 Troost offers a variety of programs and resources:

  • Computer Learning Center: basic PC classes, MS Office training and resume/job search assistance.
  • Drop-in Center: comfortable home-like atmosphere to build healthy relationships and to have some fun
  • Support Groups: See the schedule of 12 Step meetings that meet in our facility seven days a week
  • Referrals: We provide assistance in accessing resources available throughout the community.
  • Literature: we have AA and CA literature for sale, as well as the Life Recovery Bible.

Residential Programs

  • Veterans Home:  Heroes Home Gate is our transitional living program for male veterans who are experiencing homelessness. All admissions come through referral from caseworkers with the VA’s Health Care for Homeless Veterans program.
  • Women’s Recovery House: MAMA’s House provides a safe, comfortable residence for women who are overcoming substance use disorders and other difficulties. Women who stay at the house participate in the activities of the Recovery Center.

Footprints’ outpatient treatment and recovery support services are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health. The residential program is accredited by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences.

For additional information about participating in any of these activities, call (816) 561-0567, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, weekdays. You can also use our online contact form.

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