Footprints, Inc. Kansas City, Missouri

iStock_000000243383MediumSince 2001, Footprints, Inc. has worked with the community to recognize, embrace, and assist homeless veterans and people afflicted with substance use disorders. We are trusted servants ushering those who seek a new life onto the road to recovery.

Heroes Home Gate, our short-term residence for homeless veterans, is part of the Homeless Veterans Initiative of the United States Veterans Administration. Our recovery community center on Troost Avenue will open in Summer 2017. It will offer fellowship, support groups, counseling and classes that will open to the community.

View the current meeting schedule for recovery groups at our Troost Outreach Center.

Footprints, Inc. is governed by a board of directors made up volunteers from the local community.

See the Kansas City Star article about our facility – “Homeless veterans in Kansas City get a place to hang their hats”  (08/30/2014)