Recovery Support Program

Participants in the Footprints outpatient program attend three one-hour sessions a week for approximately three months.  Two of them are classes or group therapy and one is a meeting with a professional counselor or certified recovery coach/peer mentor. Every participant has an individal assessment and recovery plan. A weekly drug test is also required.

A. Recovery Classes 

Our outpatient treatment program starts with eight classes that focus on the basics of recovery:

  • Session One: Values – understanding personal values and prioritizing needs versus wants.
  • Session Two: Four Quadrants Of Awareness – identifying likes/dislikes of using/not using.
  • Session Three: Disease Of Addiction – understanding the bio-psycho-social effects of substance use disorder.
  • Session Four: Mistaken Beliefs – how to differentiate abstinence from recovery.
  • Session Five: Recovery – understanding the  principles of recovery and practicing them in sessions, as well as in daily life.
  • Session Six: Partial Recovery – identifying stuck points and develop alternative options.
  • Session Seven: Relapse Prevention Planning – how to list components of relapse and a formulate plan.
  • Session Eight: Family – understanding and identifying the roles in the chemically dependent and dysfunctional family.

These classes are held at 6:00 PM Monday & Wednesday and at 11:00 AM Tuesday & Thursday.

B. Therapy Groups

Once the educational component is completed, participants become part of a ten-week therapueitc process group experience. These groups meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm. The purpose of the group is to help participants implement what they learned in the classes ant to support their desire to continue to grow in recovery.

C. One-on-One Counseling

While involved in the classes and group therapy, participants will meet once a week with a professional substance use disorder counselor or a recovery coach/peer mentor who is certified by the Missouri Credentialing Board.

An individualize treatment plan is developed and updated with participants. While involved in the program, a weekly drug test is also required.

E. How to Get Involved

A formal intake is required to participate in our recovery support services. To schedule an appointment, call (816) 561-0567 or contact us.