Short-term Residence for Homeless Veterans

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A variety circumstances lead to veterans becoming homeless. Some become homeless due to a lack of affordable housing or high unemployment. Others may be dealing with painful memories, mental health issues or a lack of support from family and friends. These factors may lead them to feel as though they have nowhere else to go but the streets.

In some cases, what seemed like a temporary lack of a place to stay becomes permanent. Veterans who are homeless often find themselves moving from shelter to shelter because they don’t know where else to go.

Because he served in Vietnam himself, our founder, Brother Wayne White, had a special place in his heart for his fellow veterans, especially those who had fallen on hard times.  This led to his establishing Heroes Home Gate in 2009, a short-term residence for homeless veterans. We offer this service in partnership with the U.S. Veterans Administration’s Healthcare for Homeless Veterans program.

The Heroes Home Gates program has successfully placed almost 90% of those who have stayed with us in permanent housing. We provide a healthy, homelike environment, where nearly 100 homeless male veterans each year are able to get out of the daily struggle for survival. Besides basic food and shelter, residents can participate in a variety of spiritual and recovery activities.

Case management and other supportive services allow them to work toward securing permanent housing, investigate career options, and take advantage of the services available to them through the VA. When permanent housing is secured, we assist them with furniture and other household items to successfully move into their own homes.

For more information about Heroes Home Gate, you may call (816) 863-8224.

For entrance into the program, contact Kansas City VA Homeless Veterans Services or call (877) 424-3838

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See the Kansas City Star article about our facility – “Homeless veterans in Kansas City get a place to hang their hats”  (08/30/2014)